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Media captionWhile the pandemic may have stopped their big day, it didn’t stop Ruaridh and Laura from having a bit of fun.

A couple have held a mock wedding ceremony to mark the day they were meant to get married.

Laura McKinlay and Ruaridh Macmillan, who live near Falkirk, were due to be wed on Saturday in Inverness.

But most marriages and civil partnerships are not taking place because of the lockdown.

Laura and Ruaridh held what they called a "not our wedding day" and linked up with family and friends via video calls.

On Saturday, Laura walked down the "aisle" - the kitchen at the couple's home - wearing bed linen as a veil and her pyjamas as her "dress".

Ruaridh put on his kilt jacket and wore a tea towel like a kilt.

Image copyright Laura McKinlay/Ruaridh Macmillan Image caption Laura and Ruaridh celebrated what should have been their wedding day in "lockdown attire"

Laura said: "We came up with the idea of having a not our wedding day, celebrating it in 'lockdown attire' - pyjamas.

"We used our Christmas tree lights as decorations and put up photos of our family members.

"I was going to be making our wedding cake, but instead we halved a Malteser."

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The ceremony was shared online on a Facebook page hosted by Inverness-based Bruce MacGregor, of the band Blazin' Fiddles. Ruaridh also plays in the band.

Music during the occasion included tunes from Black Isle-based musician and Blazin' Fiddles member Anna Massie and her dad Bob Massie, whose ceilidh band was due to play at Saturday's wedding in Inverness.

Ruaridh said: "We even managed a Gay Gordon's, with people posting videos of themselves dancing online."

'Spirits lightened'

The couple have postponed their real wedding until November - meanwhile their actual wedding attire is locked in shops in Edinburgh.

Ruaridh's mum Pat Macmillan, who joined the ceremony online from Inverness, said the tongue in cheek rehearsal was exactly what she expected from her son and Laura.

"It was a bit of lightening of the heart and spirits, and I think we achieved that quite well," she said.

"A lot of people came together and sang and danced. A lot of people put a lot of time and effort into this and I know it touched the hearts of Ruaridh and Laura."

No ceremonies 'until restrictions lifted'

Marriages and civil partnerships are not taking place on the advice of UK and Scottish governments to help delay the spread of Covid-19.

A spokeswoman for the National Records of Scotland said: "A marriage may not proceed in Scotland without the issue of a Schedule.

"Registrars have now been instructed to suspend the issue of Schedules for marriages and civil partnerships.

"NRS will take advice about when it is safe to lift this restriction.

"However, dispensation can be given to register a marriage or civil ceremony in exceptional circumstances."